Here is a short list of some material I’ve created and published.

Interviews & Articles:
Fifty Years of Doctor Who – Interview with Dr. Paul Booth
The Award-winning World of ‘The Simpsons’ – Interview with Dr. Jonathan Gray
Critical Questions: ’60 Minutes’ Across the Decades – Interview with Dr. Richard Campbell
Thinking Through Hate – Article applying Kenneth Burke’s analysis of hate speech to online interactions

Thee Eve Ov – WU
Witch Glitch Ambience – WU

The End of the Word as We Know It
The Fourth Branch

Here is a list of collaborative work I’ve helped produce:

The Art of Memetics – Co-Author Edward Wilson

Ben Mack – The Magic Teleseminar (Limited series, 2005-2007) – Internet marketing rules, laws, and secrets – live event published as limited podcast series. [Audio producer]
Alterati – The G-Spot (Defunct, 2008-2009) – News, commentary, reviews published twice weekly. [Audio producer, one of several hosts]
Alterati – Ripple (Defunct, 2008-2009) – Long-form interviews, published weekly. [Audio producer]
Best Travel Deals Podcast (Defunct, 2009-2010) – Daily round-up of travel deals. [Audio producer and host]
Peabody Awards – Stories That Matter (2015) – Interviews with past Peabody winners. [Audio producer]
Deep Americana (2020) – Topical conversations on art, sports and culture. [Audio producer]

Digital Albums:
Philip K. Nixon – Those Who Oppose
Philip K. Nixon – How’s It Going To End?
Philip K. Nixon – Raido Kaos 1: An Imprecatory Psalm
Philip K. Nixon – Raido Kaos 2: Avoid, Deny, Defend