The world is a lot more complicated since I first got “online” using a dial-up modem to upload text files of poetry into BBS’ file systems as a way to boost my download credits.

In some ways, I miss the monochrome computers of the early 80’s, the dial-up sounds of a 1200 baud modem, the weird Prodigy subcultures that relied on email hacks to communicate privately, the days before Google when HotBot and Iktomi were part of the fabric of online life.

But I also deeply value the interactive, always-engaged culture of Twitter, which is the most functional of all social networks.

This web log intends to be both forward-looking and infused with my long-time love of assemblage and collage. An eclectic collection, reflective of the digital magpie/packrat aesthetic that seems central to my identity.

I hope you find value in the links that I’ll be sharing.