Philip K. Nixon

This is not music.

Well, most of it isn't, at least.

In addition to the above sites, the Philip K. Nixon releases that were initially distributed through Infictive County Music are archived at the Aleph9 netlabel. The PKN tracks are meditation tools that peel apart specific aspects of culture.

They are responses to the original source materials. I am consciously cutting up sounds from the present to see if the future really does 'leak out' as William S. Burroughs would have said, this is my "experiment" in my experimental music. I have also released material under the name Unquiet Mind, material which was part of a larger transmedia poetry project developed to work through the different aspects of a poem which ultimately was published in the book The End Of The Word As We Know It by the good folk at Weaponized.  

I regularly upload elements of audio to soundcloud, primarily so that I can download them later and stitch them into the final tracks. These are the four soundcloud accounts I'm using currently:

  1. unru
  2. pkn
  3. unquietmind
  4. philipknixon

It is likely I will add to this list over time. 

Most of it is intended to be included in new Philip K. Nixon albums--Philip K Nixon (aka PKN) being a collective audio project involving material collected by myself and Mystery X, for a label that is at least somewhat fictional: Infictive County Records. The PKN tracks which are set in stone for the new album will likely appear here first.